To Adopt A Dog From MetroMalts

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Please read The REAL Maltese and Maltese & Allergies. If you still think this is the breed for you and your family, the first step in the adoption process is to complete our adoption questionnaire. Please click on the link below to submit our online application.

Our questionnaire will be used initially to help us understand your preferences and lifestyle in order to find a compatible dog. We receive so many applications, it is wise to check back here frequently and alert us if you see a Maltese you might want to adopt. Please keep in mind that we are as sensitive to the dog's needs  as the potential owners' in making our decisions. And remember, it can take time before the best dog for your home might be found, so please be patient.

If there is a potential match, we will check all references before you are introduced to any of our Maltese. A home check will also be done. If everything checks out, you like the dog and the dog likes's "kiss mutt", as we like to say. You will need to sign our Adopter Agreement before taking your new fur baby home. Click on the link below to print out this document:

Please note that our area of service is in and around NYC (northern New Jersey, Connecticut, NY counties just north of NYC and Long Island).  We will not consider any adopter home outside of the NYC tri-state area (please check Rescue Resources to locate other Maltese rescue groups around the country).  All our Maltese have been vet checked, are spayed or neutered, and made current on all shots prior to placement. 

A fee of  is required at the time of adoption.


  • $500 for dogs up to 2 years old
  • $400 for dogs over 2 years, up to 5 years old
  • $300 for dogs over 5 years old


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